Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jasper Sharp brings pink films to New Horizons fest in Wrocław, Poland

by Chris MaGee

Ever since he published "Behind the Pink Curtain", his magnum opus on the history of Japanese sex cinema, back in the fall of 2008 Jasper Sharp has been a very busy man. He's curated, or co-curated, programmes of pink films everywhere from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany. Almost three years since its publication "Behind the Pink Curtain" is still spreading the word about one of Japan's least appreciated, but most prolific film genres.

Sharp's next stop will be a programme of pink films, named after his book, at the 11th annual New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław, Poland. Between July 17th and July 30th Polish audiences will get to see 20 classic pink films from the likes of Masao Adachi (Gushing Prayer), Yasuharu Hasebe (Assault! Jack the Ripper), Shinji Imaoka (Tender Throbbing Twilight), Chusei Sone (Angel Guts: Red Classroom), Koji Wakamatsu (Shinjuku Mad), Yojiro Takita (Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl) and Masaru Konuma (Rope and Breats, above).

This programme at New Horizons also coincides with the publication of the Polish translation of "Behind the Pink Curtain" by Korporacja Ha!art Press. You can read more about Jasper Sharp's programme of pink films in Wrocław, Poland by heading to his website here, and also by check out the official site for this year's New Horizons International Film Festival here .

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