Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Chanbara Beauty: vorteX - Kazuya Sasahara and Kimihiro Ueno (2009)

Yôhei Fukuda's 2008 spallter/ action film "Chanbara Beauty" gets a new cast and even more cleavage, bloodletting and zimbies in this straight to DVD feature. This time out Yuu Tejima takes on the role of Aya, the bikini-clad cowgirl who slices and dices the army of the undead with her razor sharp katana. Definitely for fans of the first film and for other gore flicks like "Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police".

Yadonashi (The Homeless) - Buichi Saito (1974)

Backed by Shintaro Katsu's own independent production company "Yadonashi (The Homelss)" has the Zatoichi actor starring opposite fellow big screen icon Ken Takakura as a pair of ex-cons who help a down on her luck prostitute, played by Meiko Kaji, seek a stash of sunken cash off the coast of Japan... but with some nasty yakuza things in pursuit.


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