Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Soro Nante Kudaranai - Kota Yoshida (2011)

Koya Yoshida, the director of the erotic comedy "Yuriko's Aroma" returns with his equally provocative new feature "Soro Nante Kudaranai". The film stars Tateto Serizawa as a man who is struggling with premature ejaculation. Warning -- this trailer is NSFW!

Shinsengumi Chronicles - Kenji Misumi (1963)

Legendary actior Raizo Ichikawa stars as an idealistic young samurai who joins the Shinsengumi, the police force loyal to the Shogun in 19th century Kyoto. He soon realizes, though, that his fellow Shinsengumi aren't as noble as he thought.


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