Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Sukiyaki Western Django" get a theatrical run in New York, LA... and Toronto?

by Chris MaGee

Okay, this is not hot off the press news anymore, I know. Word has spread all over the net and it's been reported on many blogs that Takashi Miike's final cut of samurai/ cowboy mash-up "Sukiyaki Western Django" will be getting a theatrical release in New York starting tomorrow in New York and on September 12th in Los Angeles. The reason I didn't get this posted sooner is that I was doing a little digging to see if "Django" would be getting a run in Toronto as well.

You see, I was at the Cumberland Theatre a couple weeks ago to catch the fantastic documentary "Man on Wire" about French tightrope walker Philippe Petit and his 1974 death-defying walk between the two World Trade Center towers. Great film! But while I was there I noticed that the Cumberland had a poster for "Sukiyaki Western Django" up marked "coming soon", so when I got the press announcement from Deep Focus about the U.S. theatrical runs I replied asking about the Canadian run. I was told by them there was no Canadian run planned. Hmmm... Then I got on the phone to see if the Cumberland was indeed getting "Django". The answer was... inconclusive. I was told they could be getting it, but they would only get a few days notice ahead of time and their was no explanation as to why they would be displaying the poster if they may or may not be screening it.

Colour me frustrated, but I'll keep on this and let you know when I know... when they know. Y'know?

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