Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Trailers

I Want to Be a Shellfish - Katsuo Fukuzawa (2008)

When Shimizu, a simple, good-hearted barder serving in the Imperial Army during WW2, can't bring himself to follow an order to execute a captured American soldier he is court-martialed and sent to a military prison. There he awaits his punishment for disobedience: death. A remake of Shinobu Hashimoto's 1959 film of the same name.

Roughneck - Yasuharu Hasebe (1969)

Yasuharu Hasebe, the man behind "Black Tight Killers" and "Bloody Territories" brings us the story of Yuji (Akira Kobayashi) a gangster who finds himself in trouble after befriending a young yakuza who is tryiing to lead a legit life and getting involved with a geisha at an onsen. "Roughneck" was one of the films that recently toured with the "No Borders, No Limits: Nikkatsu Action Cinema" touring festival.

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