Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Author and film scholar Donald Richie on Nagisa Oshima

by Chris MaGee

Found this on one of my random wanders through YouTube the other day: a three-part interview with film scholar and author of "The Inland Sea" and "A Hundred Years of Japanese Film" Donald Richie about Japanese New Wave filmmaker and legendary iconoclast Nagisa Oshima. This interview is a real gem, as Richie is the leading Western authority on Japanese cinema, and considering that we in Toronto were just treated to a retrospective of Oshima's films at Cinematheque Ontario it couldn't have shown up at a better time. Follow the links after the first part has run to view the full 25-minute piece. Who knows how long it'll be before it gets pulled...

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Kenshin898 said...

The account has been disabled! I've been trying to find this again after Oshima and Richie passed away (RIP to both). Anyone know if it is uploaded somewhere else? Would love to watch it again.