Monday, February 23, 2009

"Kamen Rider" returns to the U.S. airwaves

by Chris MaGee

After the phenomenal success of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", a U.S. adaptation of the Japanese tokusatsu series "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger", Saban Entertertainment tried to bring a Japanese TV and movie icon to American small screens. "Masked Rider" based of course on "Kamen Rider"featured footage from not only the original Japanese series, but also some of the many "Kamen Rider" films, but didn't catch on with U.S. kids, running for only one season in 1995. Guess kids can tell smell a callous cash grab just as easily as adults these days.

Now Ishimori Production, Inc. is trying to introduce a whole new generation of kids to the adventures of the masked hero with the Saturday morning action series "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" airing on the CW network.

SciFi Japan has got full details on this new series and an extensive interview with its creators, Steve and Michael Wang, so if you're a fan of masked men, motorcycles and a healthy dose of cheesy action then follow th link above and get all the details.

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Anonymous said...

I regret to say I saw this while flipping channels on a recent Saturday morning. Rather, I should say I saw about 4 minutes of it before switching off the box completely. Absolutely interminable, and makes the American 'Power Rangers' look like 'ER' or 'Lost.'