Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Buy a Suit - Jun Ichikawa (2009)

"buy a suit" is the final film from director Jun Ichikawa, best known in North America for his Haruki Murakami screen adaptation "Tony Takitani". Financed and produced by Ichikawa himself the film chronicles the daily lives of a group of people living in contemporary Tokyo. Its short running time of only 47 minutes may have something to do with the sad fact that Ichikawa passed away before he could get a chance to finish editing it.

Blind Woman's Cursed - Teruo Ishii (1970)

This was the first film that actress Masako Ota went by her new, and much more popular screen name, Meiko Kaji. Kaji stars as Akemi Tachibana, the leader of a yakuza clan who lands herself in prison after a showdown with a rival gang. Upon her release three years later she is sought out by a young woman she blinded in the fight, a woman who will stop at nothing to get her revenge. "Blind Woman's Cursed" is also notable for for being the second time that butoh dance founder Tasumi Hijikata appeared in one of Ishii's films.

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