Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Explore the career of a master with the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive

by Chris MaGee

Here's big news for fans of classic Japanese cinema. Ryukoku University and Kurosawa Productions have teamed up to organize the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive, an online repository for everything Akira Kurosawa, from the very beginnings of his filmmaking career to his death in 1998. And when I say everything I mean everything.: pages from screenplays, concept sketches, film stills, costume designs, archival photos, etc., etc. After reading about the Digital Archive on Jason Gray's blog I immediately went over to check it out, but there would be no way that I could give you an overview of all that's included therein. The collection that's been posted is that extensive. What I will say is that I have to applaud both Ryukoku University and Kurosawa Productions for going the digital route on this. They easily had enough material for a Kurosawa Museum, but instead of going with stashing them in a building they've chosen to share them with the world via this website. Bravo!

There's no doubt that I'll be setting aside a significant amount of time to explore this site, and I recommend you do too. You can find the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive here.

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