Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Trailers

The Hiding - Shozin Fukui (2008)

From the man who brought us the violent excesses of "Pinocchio 964" and "Rubber's Lover" comes "The Hiding". A young woman tries to start over after leaving her boyfriend, but she is befriended by a telepathic woman in her new apartment building and things go from bad to much, much worse. This one isn't entirely work safe, so viewers beware...

World Apartment Horror - Katsuhito Otomo (1991)

Here's a project with a dream creative team: written by animator Satoshi Kon (Paprika), starring Hiroyuki Tanaka, a.k.a Sabu (Unlucky Monkey, The Blessing Bell), and directed by Katsuhito Otomo, the creator of "Akira". With that kind of clout you'd think that 1991's "World Apartment Horror", a hilarious satire about a yakuza thug sent to bully a group of immigrants out of a haunted tenement, would have seen a North American DVD release a long time ago, but it hasn't... and that makes me very confused.

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Luis Alis said...

It is actually Katsuhiro, not Katsuhito.

Katsuhiro Otomo.