Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Trailers

GANTZ - Shinsuke Sato (2011)

Screenwriter and director Shinsuke Sato is currently readying not one but two films based on Hiroya Oku’s sci-fi/ fantasy manga "GANTZ". The first film due out in early 2011 stars Ken'ichi Matsuyama and Kazunari Ninomiya are a pair of young men killed in a train accident who find themselves resurrected by a mysterious black sphere and tasked with fighting demonic forces. This 15-second teaser may be the only glimpse at Sato's films that we get for a while so keep hitting replay.


Nanami: Inferno of First Love - Susumu Hani (1968)

Poet, author, playwright and filmmaker Shuji Terayama provides the screenplay for this landmark of the Japanese New Wave. Behind the camera Susumu Hani directs the story of a young man trying to break the cycle of his childhood abuse in order to consummate his relationship with a pretty young prostitute. Combining the talents of Terayama and Hani you know that "Nanami" will be packed with surreal haunting images, but beware! This trailer is NOT WORK SAFE!

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