Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadako to literally crawl off the screen in proposed 3D "Ringu" reboot

by Chris MaGee

Remember that iconic moment in Hideo Nakata's "Ringu" when the stringy-haired Sadako crawls out of a TV screen to scare Hiroyuki Sanada to death? Well, if Paramount has anything to do with it Sadako may literally be crawling out of the movie screen for a third "Ringu" remake. According to Slash Film Paramount, who took over the rights to the "Ringu" remakes after they split with Dreamworks, are looking to jump on the 3D bandwagon and produce a reinvention of the grandfather of all J-Horror movies that will jump off the screen and will be "teen-centric". Screenwriter David Louka, whose previosu credits include Evelyn Purcell's "Borderline" (I haven't heard of it either) and the 1996 Whoopi Goldberg vehicle "Eddie", has been tagged to pen the script. Thus far there's no sign of Naomi Watts reprising her role in the English-language remake series, and thankfully there's no word of Hideo Nakata being involved.

A "teen-centric" 3D version of "Ringu", huh? It was only last night that Popw-Wow writer Bob Turnbull and I were critiquing film bloggers for at times being less than eloquent with their frequent use of "dude!" and "this film owns!", but I can only think of one thing to counter a 3D "teen-centric" remake of "Ringu" - Crap-tastic!


Robert-Philippe Masse said...

Thats the perfect match that makes me hate 21st cinema trends. That become more and more ridiculous.

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