Friday, May 7, 2010

J-Film Pow-Wow interviewed by German film blog Schöner Denken

by Chris MaGee

It's been about a week and a half since I managed to get back from Germany and just sort of a week since Marc Saint-Cyr returned from his extended stay in Paris, and even though it was no fun being stranded with no money in Germany (although friend Tom, Bianca and Nishikata Film Review's Cathy Munroe Hotes were more than kind to let me crash on their couches) I am having twinges of nostalgia for my trip to Europe and all the great folks I met there.

Some of those great folks were the guys behind German film blog Schöner Denken who were some of the hardest working people covering the 10th annual Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival. Thomas Laufersweiler and his blogging comrades cornered myself and Marc Saint-Cyr during the latter half of Nippon Connection to get us talking about the J-Film Pow-Wow, our love of Japanese film, and how Nippon Connection is one of, if not the, best Japanese film festival going.

You can listen to the interview Thomas conducted with us here. Please note that Petra Palmer, one of the key organizers of Nippon Connection, comes in halfway to clear the table we were at. I'm telling you, the Nippon Connection volunteer staff does everything... and they don't sleep! It's nuts!

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