Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York Asian Film Festival Lineup Announced

by Marc Saint-Cyr

The New York Asian Film Festival has just announced its full lineup of films for this year, packing in a diverse selection of Midnight Movie picks and Korean, Hong Kong, mainland Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and, of course, Japanese films. Among the selections from Japan are Tetsuaki Matsue's "Live Tape," Hitoshi Matsumoto's "Symbol," Miwa Nishikawa's "Dear Doctor" and Tomo'o Haraguchi's "Death Kappa," along with many others. You can check out the Subway Cinema blog for the full lineup of films, arranged according to category.

The festival will be held between June 28th and July 8th at the Lincoln Center, with entries from the Japan Society's Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film series being co-presented from July 1st-4th.

Thanks to Twitch for the background info for this story.

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