Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Gantz: Part 1 - Shinsuke Sato (2011)

Looks like the success of the "20th Century Boys" trilogy convinced the execs at Toho that there is money in multiple chapter sci-fi manga and anime extravaganza's. In early 2011 director Shinsuke Sato will be bringing us the first of two films based on Hiroya Oku's manga "Gantz". Kazunari Ninomiya and Ken'ichi Matsuyama star as two young men who are killed by a train but somehow find themselves brought to life again by a mysterious intelligence called Gantz. Their mission is to fight a war with alien beings.

Kigeki Ekimae Bento - Seiji Hisamatsu (1961)

Enka legend Kyu Sakamoto is joined by comedian Frankie Sakai and actress Keiko Awaji in this 1961 comedy/ musical about a lunch restaurant in Hamamatsu City and its proprietress who must deal with a devil-may-care brother and a series of handsome suitors.

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