Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jarmusch reteams with Youki Kudoh

Fans of Japanese cinema will recognize a fellow fan in American indie icon, Jim Jarmusch. As a young filmmaker Jarmusch stocked up on un-subtitled tapes of Mizoguchi and Ozu and as a mature director he paid tribute to one of Japanese cinema’s most idiosyncratic directors, Seijun Suzuki, by “sampling” some of the weirdness of Suzuki’s classic “Branded to Kill” for his own lone assassin film, “Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai”.

Jarmusch’s most notable brush with Japanese cinema had to have been 1989’s “Mystery Train”. In the first of its three stories of the down and out in Memphis he featured two of Japan’s rising stars Masatoshi Nagase (Electric Dragon 80,000 V, The Hidden Blade) and Youki Kudoh (The Crazy Family, Imprint) as two rockabilly obsessed tourists. Well, it looks like Jarmusch is going to team up with Kudoh again in his next film “The Limits of Control”. Set for a 2009 release the film follows “a mysterious loner, a stranger in the process of completing a criminal job.”

Also set to star is Jarmusch regular Bill Murray. Tagged for cinematography duties is another name that fans of Asian cinema will recognize… Christopher Doyle.

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