Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Trailers

Handsome Suits - Tsutomu Hanabusa (2008)

Based on the Osamu Suzuki manga Tsutomu Hanabasa brings us "Handsome Suits", the latest take on the old body switheroo scenario. A chubby, unattractive chef, Takuro (Muga Tsukaji) heads to the tailors to get himself a new suit, but this is no ordinary suit! Once he's wearing it he's transformed into a handsome, svelte version of himself (played by Shosuke Tanihara). Cue the laughs!

Gonin - Takashi Ishii (1995)

"Gonin" (or "The Five") is a gangster/ heist flick by directot Takashi Ishii that uses the recession that followed the Bubble Economy boom of the 1980's as its backdrop. Koichi Sato plays Bandai, the owner of an upscale night club who owes the yakuza millions of yen. With his back against the wall he assembles a crew of four other desperate souls to turn the tables on the gangsters and steal their money away from them. Dark, bleak and violent "Gonin" co-stars Takeshi Kitano as a psychopathic hitman sent to eliminate these five upstarts.

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