Friday, September 19, 2008

Junji Sakamoto's "Children of the Dark" pulled from the Bangkok International Film Festival

by Chris MaGee

Junji Sakamoto's film "Children of the Dark" has been yanked from the line-up of the 7th Annual Bangkok International Film Festival on the grounds that it, "does not fit with Thai society.” Although the fest's programmers had initially okayed the inclusion of the Aoi Miyazaki and Satoshi Tsumabaki starring film the Thai authorities, including the country's Federation of National Film Association, finally realized that the film was about child sexual exploitation and illegal organ transplants in Thailand. My question is what did they think the film was about?

"Children of the Dark" had already a run in with the Thai government during its production last year. Authorities had denied the film's producers a permit to shoot in Thailand, but the decision was reversed after it was agreed that the film would be a Japanese/ Thai co-production, ie: the Japanese producers paid the Thai government and a local crew a bunch of money.

Thanks to Variety Asia Online for the report.

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Asahi said...

This is not a serious festival. It never has been. It is just an artificial exercise in trying to attract tourists. It has never had any serious intentions towards films. The Festival Director cares more about pleasing the tourist authority than he does about films.