Friday, October 3, 2008

First behind the scenes footage of Ken'ichi Matsuyama in "Ultra Miracle Love Story"

by Chris MaGee

I want to start this story out by saying that I'm having a bit of a senior moment. That or I'm experiencing bloggers burnout because I could have sworn that I posted a story on Ken'ichi Matsuyama's upcoming film project "Ultra Miracle Love Story" before. Tokyograph made the announcement about the romantic comedy set in rural Aomori Prefecture back in mid-September and I could have sworn I wrote something up about it. Or maybe I didn't... Hmmm... If I did someone out there set me straight, please.

Well, regardless, the star of "Detroit Metal City" will be starring opposite Kumiko Aso as a good ol' country boy who falls for a sophisticated city girl. What's more Matsuyama's dialogue will all be in the local Tsugaru dialect, which is apparently quite a mouthful.

Now the first behind the scenes footage for "Ultra Miracle Love Story" has landed online. It's not much, just Matsuyama running through fields, but it's something. Check it out below before someone yanks it off and we're stuck with another dead YouTibe link.

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