Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekly Trailers

GS Wonderland - Ryuichi Honda (2008)

The "GS" stands for "group sounds" the pop rock movement that swept Japan in the late 1960's. Ryuichi Honda film takes us into that crazy world with Chiaki Kuriyama (Exte, Battle Royale) as a keyboard player who must impersonate a man to join a up and coming group sounds band. Nice to see Ittoku Kishibe in this trailer as he got his start with GS superstars The Tigers.

Band of Ninja - Nagisa Oshima (1967)

Oshima's only foray into anime is just as experimental as his live-action body of work. "Band of Ninja" is more than just based on the classic manga by Shirato Sampei, it literally takes illustrations from the manga itself and using only music, dialogue and sound effects to tell the story of an uprising by a group of peasants against an evil lord.

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