Monday, November 3, 2008

"Boys on the Run" manga to get live-action treatment

by Chris MaGee

"Boys on the Run", the Kengo Hanazawa created manga about Toshiyuki Tanishi, a 27-year-old salaryman stuck at a company that makes vending machine prizes who takes up boxing will be getting turned into a live-action film. The film will be helmed by wunderkind playwright and director of the Tokyo-based “Potsudo-ru” theatre company, Daisuke Miura and star the front man of J-pop group Ginnan Boyz, Kazunobu Mineta, as Tanishi. "Boys on the Run" is set for release in the fall of 2009.

Thanks to Tokyograph and Anime News Network for the story.


c said...

Not to be a snob, but to be more specific the 'j-pop' group is more a punk band. : d

Ging Nang Boyz music vid links:

Their pop side in their reportoire
and probably the most popular song by them

Their abrasively punk side

Great (if not hilarious) news though : )

J-Film Pow-Wow Crew said...

Thanks for the clarification, C. It's hard to keep music in Canada in check let alone Japan. I'll check out those links. C.M.