Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Death Note" director Shusuke Kaneko brings us another manga adaptation: "Pride"

by Chris MaGee

Most of you will know director Shusuke Kaneko for bringing us adaptations of such popular manga as "Death Note" and "Azumi" (Kaneko took over from Ryuhei Kitamura for "Azumi 2"). Well, now it seems that he's getting ready to bring another manga to the big screen with "Pride".

Based on the Yukari Ichijo's 2007 manga, and winner of the Excellence Prize at the 2007 Japan Media Arts Festival, it follows the struggles of young Shio, played by model and singer Stephanie (above right), whose dream of a career in opera is jeopardized by her wealthy family's bankruptcy. When Shio goes up against another young singing student named Moe, played by Hikari Mitsushima (above left), for the role of a lifetime opera singers become opera divas. Jealousy, back-biting and wounded pride ensue... but could these bitter rivals become trusted allies?

"Pride" has just completed production and is set to hit Japanese theatres on January 17th. Check out more details at the film's official site.

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