Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mamoru Oshii's "Assault Girl 2" gets its own one off manga

by Chris MaGee

Fans of "Ghost in the Shell" and "The Sky Crawlers" director Mamoru Oshii are eagerly anticipating his live-action entry "Assault Girl 2" in the upcoming omnibus film "Kiru ~ KILL". Oshii's segment, one of three based around fight sequences between their stars, features Rinko Kikuchi and Yoko Fujita as a pair of warriors battling it out in a fantasy setting.

Japanese audiences have been lucky enough to take a peek at "Kiru ~ KILL" at this year's Tokyo Interntaional Film Festival, but on December 6th the film will get a general release in Japanese theatres. If that isn't enough to get North American Oshii fans jealous now word has come down from Anime News Network that Hakusensha's Young Animal Magazine will be publishing a one off manga adaptation of "Assault Girl 2". Nothing but a tiny thumbnail image accompanies the original article, but maybe (just maybe) whoever eventually picks this up for a North American DVD release could work out the reprint rights and get this included in the package. (It's an idea...)

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