Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Trailers

Pandemic - Takahisa Zeze (2009)

Here's a cheery little trailer for a Friday! In the very near future a killer virus begins spreading through the world's population and before you can say "The 1918 Spanish Flu" we've got a pandemic on our hands. At the front line of the battle to save humanity are Satoshi Tsumabuki, who plays an emergency room physician, and Rei Dan, a doctor with the World Health Organization. Death and destruction follows. Have a nice weekend!

Onimasa (Kiryûin Hanako no shôgai) - Hideo Gosha (1982) *** Not work safe

"Goyokin" and "The Wolves" director Hideo Gosha brings us what many have described as Japan's answer to "The Godfather", 1982's "Onimasa (Kiryûin Hanako no shôgai)". The film parallels the history of 20th-century Japan with the rise and fall of the Kiryûin clan led by Masagaro (Tatsuya Nakadai) known to his yakuza family as Onimasa.


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