Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekly Trailers

School Days with a Pig - Tetsu Maeda (2009)

Satoshi Tsumabuki stars as an elementary school teacher who introduces his class to a new pet pig that they will care for only so that they can eat it at the end of the school year. Apparently based on a true story director Tetsu Maeda cast real children and captured their reactions using documentary style shooting and a partially improvised script.

Millennium Actress - Satoshi Kon (2001)

Followed up his reality-bending 1998 psychological thriller "Perfect Blue" with a reality-bending romance with 2001's "Millennium Actress". When documentary filmmaker Tachibana and his cameraman are granted an exclusive interview with reclusive actress Chiyoko Fujiwara (based partially on classic screen actress Setsuko Hara) the three are carried through both her real-life search for a young revolutionary she fell in love with as a girl, but also the many faces of her onscreen roles. Winner of the Grand Prize of the 2001 Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival (tying with Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away").

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