Friday, December 12, 2008

Japan's Pocky Princess to her big screen debut with "Shugotenshi"

by Chris MaGee

Everyone's eaten Pocky, right? Actually I just bought some the other day to nibble on while rushing around Christmas shopping, but how many of you know that Glico, the company that makes everyone's favorite stick candy, appoints a "Pocky Princess" as its spokesperson? I didn't, but apparently Pocky's latest Princess, 15-year-old Shiori Kutsuna (above) is transitioning from selling candy to selling movie tickets.

Kutsuna, who has acted previously in various Japanese TV dramas, is set to make her big screen debut in Yuichi Sato's (Pray, Kisaragi) next film titled "Shugotenshi". In the film she will play a girl who is lured over the internet and abducted only to be saved by a salaryman, played by comedian Cunning Takeyama, who has fallen in love with her after observing her each day during their daily commute.

Japanese audiences won't have to wait long to see Kutsuna in "Shugotenshi" as it's slated for release in the spring, but all us other folks will have to make due with the various commercials and behind-the-scenes videos of the Pocky Princess posted at the official Glico website.

Thanks to Tokyograph for this story.

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