Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keanu Reeves wants to star as Spike Spiegel in the "Cowboy Bebop" live-action remake

by Chris MaGee

Way back in July it was announced that Hollywood producer Erwin Stoff was developing a live-action version of Shinichiro Watanbe's animated film "Cowboy Bebop" for Fox Studios. At that time no director or cast had been announced, but now according to a report posted at Keanu Reeves is hoping to star as Spike Spiegel, bounty hunter and captain of the Bebop.

Stoff and Reeves worked together on both "The Matrix" films and "A Scanner Darkly," so maybe they've got a master plan to film a hat trick of sci-fi projects together, but both are stressing that they want to stay faithful to the original anime. Reeves stated during a recent interview with the MTV Movies Blog that it was the "...kind of Old West, bordertown, low-tech science fiction aspect" of "Cowboy Bebop" that attracted him to the project.

Now hold on a minute! Wasn't it just last week that it was announced that Reeves would be starring in a Hollywood re-telling of "The Loyal 47 Ronin"? What's going on here? Is Keanu Reeves going to start acting in remakes of one beloved Japanese film after another? Why not "The Face of Another" while he's at it? Hold on... I was just joking, kay? Don't get any ideas! PLEASE!

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