Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kim Ki-Duk/ Jo Odagiri film "Dream" to be released in Japan in February

by Chris MaGee

Japanese fans of Jo Odagiri will get to see one of his latest overseas films this February when Korean director Kim Ki-Duk's "Dream" will get a theatrical release in Japan. "Dream", the story of a young man played by Odagiri who dreams of a car crash only to discover that a woman named Ran (Na-yeong Lee) may have acted out his dream and caused an accident while sleepwalking, already got a domestic release in Korea in October. For this Japanese release the title will apparently be changed to "Himu" or "Sad Dream".

Thanks to Nippon Cinema for details on this and also the full Japanese trailer for "Dream/ Himu" that they've posted at their site.

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