Monday, January 26, 2009

Gekiga manga pioneer Yoshihiro Tatsumi to attending Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009

by Chris MaGee

I know many of you Japanese film fans in Toronto are also fans of manga, so here's something to definitely look forward to. One of the founders of gekiga manga, the rough equivalent of graphic novels in Japan will be attending this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival as a special guest. 73-year-old artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi author of such manga as "The Push Man", "Abandon The Old In Tokyo", and "Good Bye" and the man who coined the term gekiga or "dramatic pictures" in the late 1950s to better describe his more adult themed works will be at the two day festival promoting the publication of his 840-page magnum opus, "A Drifting Life". Tatsumi will be discussing this work and many of his others in a special discussion with designer and author and illustrator of "Optic Nerve", Adrian Tomine.

No set time has been scheduled for Tatsumi's appearance as of yet, but the TCAF website assures visitors that more scheduling info will be made available by the end of February.

Thanks has to go to the folks at The Beguiling, one of Toronto's best comics stores as well as the organizers of the great annual event. Thanks also to Anime News Network for this news.

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