Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Koji Yakusho wraps shooting on his directorial debut "Gama no Abura (Toad's Oil)"

by Chris MaGee

At a press conference yesterday in Tokyo Koji Yakusho and the cast of "Gama no Abura (Toad's Oil)" were happy to announce that production on Yakusho's debut as a director has finally wrapped. It's been a long road bringing the story of a day trader father (Yakusho) and his son, played by "Azumi" and "Densha Otoko" star Eita, struggling to maintain a relationship after a tragic accident to the big screen. Yakusho worked on the project for two years, but thankfully it will finally be getting a wide release in Japan care of Phantom Films and Toei on June 6th.

To whet your appetite CinemaCafe.net has posted a gallery of stills from the film which also stars Satomi Kobayashi, Kaoru Yachigusa, and Toru Masuoka. Thanks to Variety Japan for the good news.

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