Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Media Blasters picks up the rights for "Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit"

by Chris MaGee

Here's good news for fans of Minoru Kawasaki fans. The director of such campy comedies as "The Calamari Wrestler" and "Executive Koala" has had his most recent release "Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit" picked up by New York-based company Media Blasters for distribution in North America. Of course all of us Japanese film fans are familiar with Media Blasters. Not only have they released a slew of titles, but they've also bankrolled the productions of such recent fan hits as "The Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police".

Although the reviews were not kind for Kawasaki's kaiju spoof based on the shlock 1967 classic "The X from Outer Space" I can easily see this one being critic proof here in Canada and the U.S. I mean do audiences really expect a good movie that features a man dressed in a rubber suit crushing dinky cars?

No firm date has yet been set ofr a street date for the Region 1 DVD, but we can hope it will be sometime later this year. Thanks to SciFi Japan for the news.

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