Sunday, January 4, 2009

Noburu Iguchi's "Hajirai Machine Girl" gets a trailer

by Chris MaGee

Quite a few stories broke over the holidays, and here's one that I know that a lot of you will be interested in. As we reported at the beginning of December "The Machine Girl" director Noboru Iguchi had shot a mini-sequel to his wildly successful splatterfest. Titled "Hajirai Machine Girl" it doesn't center around Ami (Minase Yashiro) the heroine from the first film, instead it follows the adventures of Yoshie, played by Noriko Kijima, as she doles out punishment with her own mechanized prosthetics. (Including one that comes out of her ass I believe. Hmmm...)

Todd Brown at Twitch scored the trailer for "Hajirai Machine Girl" and all I can say is that it looks cheap... really, really cheap; but seeing that it was just filmed as an extra short for the Japanese DVD release of "The Machine Girl" it'll pass, in fact it's super low-budget look adds to the laughs. Now I just wonder if we'll see this included in some kind of North American special edition DVD of "The Machine Girl" somewhere down the line... One can hope.

Click here to check out the mayhem.

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Japan said...

Noriko is cute but I liked Minase Yashiro in the original better, but having said that, two guns are better than one LOL