Monday, January 19, 2009

Production I.G. slums it with the absurd "Abunai Sisters"

by Chris MaGee

And here I thought that Production I.G. was a high-end animation studio. Who knew? The people behind such landmark films as "Ghost in the Shell", "Blood: The Last Vampire", "The Sky Crawlers" and the animated segment in "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" are really pandering to the lowest common denominator with one of their latest projects, the CGI-cartoon "The Abunai Sisters". The straight to DVD adventures of two ridiculously buxom crime fighters are based on the real-life Japanese tarento duo The Kano Sisters. Imagine if Pamela Anderson was Japanese and she had a sister and you get the basic idea. The Kanos are selling "The Abunai Sisters" through their official site where you can also check out the first episode featuring the girls and their danger sensing breasts as they battle it out with a mechanical machine gun shark.

Part of me wants to believe that Production I.G. isn't involved in this, that it's a bad joke or the Kano Sisters are trying to build their names off the back of a reputable animation studio. Well, regardless of whoever is responsible for "The Abunai Sisters" it's still pretty horrific stuff, both in term of content and execution. Don't believe me? Click here and see what I mean. Thanks to SciFi Japan for the bad news.

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