Friday, February 20, 2009

Casting news for Toshiyuki Morioka’s “Onnanoko Monogatari”

by Chris MaGee

In early December we told you about how actress Eri Fukatsu who has normally played supporting roles in films for Koki Mitani and Katsuyuki Motohiro was getting the chance to take the lead in Toshiyuki Morioka’s big screen adaptation of Rieko Saibara’s autobiographical manga “Onnanoko Monogatari (Girl’s Story)”. In the film Fukatsu plays Saibara’s alter ego Natsumi Takahara, a manga artist attempting to pull herself out of a serious career slump. Through the process of doing so we get flashbacks of her life and according to a report at Nippon Cinema two other actresses will be playing younger versions of Fukatsu’s character. 11-year-old Ei Morisako is portraying elementary school-aged Natsumi while Natsumi in high school will be portrayed by 25-year-old Susuka Ohgo whose previous work has included roles in Rob Marshall’s “Memoirs of a Geisha” and the upcoming “Kamui Gaiden” directed by Yoichi Sai. The remainder of the cast of “Onnanoko Monogatari” is being rounded out by Seiji Fukushi, Jun Fubuki, Kaoru Okunuki, and Itsuji Itao.

The official site for “Onnanoko Monogatari” has some great pics, not only of the cast, but just wonderful atmospheric shots. Check them out here.

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