Friday, February 27, 2009

"Elite Yankee Saburo" teaser trailer gets spiced up with some sexy intros

by Chris MaGee

Yudai Yamaguchi's big screen take on the TV Tokyo comedy series "Elite Yankee Saburo" is hitting Japanese theatres this weekend and to mark the occasion the P.R. folks at Toei have launched a YouTube channel with 15 different versions of the film's teaser trailer. Well, in point of fact it's the same trailer repeated 15 times, but let me assure you that most of you out there won't be waiting to see the same 30-seconds over and over again. To add a little variety 15 different lovely young ladies like the one above were brought in to do a little comedy schtick and some provocative posing before each trailer. What's the old advertising adage? "Sex sells"?

Now I can tell that a few you more politically correct readers out there are scratching your heads about this, bit let me assure you that for "Elite Yankee Saburo" it makes perfect sense. The original TV series aired on Friday nights at midnight in Japan and it was pretty spicy stuff with frequent female nudity and some pretty healthy sexual comedy mixed into the story of a shy kid (Hideo Ishiguro) who because of his older troublemaking brother gets mistaken as A1 juvenile delinquent, a.k.a. an "Elite Yankee Saburo".

So, for all of you who aren't afraid of Japanese girls in bikinis head over to Nippon Cinema where Kevin Ouellette is hosting all 15 of the videos.

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