Friday, February 20, 2009

SFIAAFF 2009 to hold retrospective of experimental pioneer Takahiko Iimura

by Chris MaGee

In October I wrote posted an article about the pioneering Japanese experimental filmmaker Takahiko Iimura. Having no resources to see the work of the likes of Jack Smith and Stan Brakhage in 1960s Japan the self-taught artist began making experimental 8mm films after only reading about his North American counterparts. These early films, as well as some of his later video output, are now going to be the subject of a retrospective at the upcoming San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival titled “Takahiko Iimura: 60's Experiments and Early Conceptual Videos”.

San Franciscans will get the rare opportunity to see 11 of Iimura’s films ranging from his 10-minute 1962 film “One Eye Rape” to his 2003 video “I Am (Not) Seen” which like many of Iimura’s works features his own image while playing with peoples’ notions of perception.

I know by checking my analytics on the blog that we have quite a few readers in the San Francisco Bay area, so all I can say to you lovers of the avant garde is that you need to get out and see these films!

For a full listing of what’s included in the programme as well as screening times check out the official SFIAAFF website here.

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