Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Full gallery of stills for Ken'ichi Matsuyama's "Ultra Miracle Love Story" at Cinema Today

by Chris MaGee

In January the teaser trailer for "Ultra Miracle Love Story" landed at the film's official site, but the net's been pretty quiet about Satoko Yokohama's romantic comedy since then... Well, until now. The folks at Japanese language movie site Cinema Today have posted a gallery of 15 promotional stills from the film which stars Ken'ichi Matsuyama as an old-fashioned country boy living in rural Aomori Prefecture who falls for a city girl played by Kumiko Aso. The stills make the film look like a lot of fun, but to be honest I've been so impressed with Matsuyama's work thus far (especially in "Detroit Metal City" and "Shindo") that I'd go out of my way to see any of his films. Sadly I'll have to wait a bit to catch "Ultra Miracle Love Story". It won't be released in Japanese theatres until June and then it's a big question mark as to if the film will be made available here at any point in the future. Ah well... for now head to Cinema Today here to catch a glimpse of the comedy.

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