Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hitoshi Iwamoto's "MW" picked up by Hong Kong distributor Sundream Motion Pictures

by Chris MaGee

Well, Hong Kong Filmart 2009 has just wrapped up, and Mr. Jason Gray has brought us word of one hotly anticipated film getting picked up for international distribution. According to his article posted at Screen Daily Hitoshi Iwamoto's upcoming "MW" has been been picked up by Hong Kong-based Sundream Motion Pictures for distribution in China and mainland Asia.

We've been following this big screen adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's mid-70s manga since it was announced this past June. The film stars Hiroshi Tamaki (Crows Zero) as Michio Yuuki, a psychopathic young banker who is bent on unleashing a poisonous gas not only on the military scientists who developed it, but the entire world. "Densha Otoko's" Takayuki Yamada stars alongside Tamaki as a guilt-ridden priest named Yutaro Garai who is pledged to help Yuuki with his plan.

"MW" is set for a Japanese theatrical release later this year. No word has come from Sundream Motion Pictures yet as to when they plan to release the film in the rest of Asia.

You can check out the truly creepy flash website for "MW" here. Thanks to Cinema for the above promo still.

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