Monday, March 23, 2009

One wall can't stand in the way of true love in "Oto-na-ri"

by Chris MaGee

In October we told you about "Oto-na-ri" the upcoming romance starring Junichi Okada (Hana) and Kumiko Aso (Kairo, Casshern). At that point I was keeping my fingers crossed that it might take the high road and channel a bit of Wong Kar Wai in its depiction of a landscape photographer and a florist who share only the wall that separates their two apartments, but from the teaser trailer that has recently popped up at Nippon Cinema it looks like director Naoto Kumazawa has delivered a whole lot of pregnant glances and longing for love looks as the two stars fall in love with each other by listening to each other through that one wall that separates them. Well, here's hoping that the film will end up following through with a bit more substance.

You can see the teaser here and visit the official site for "Oto-na-ri" here.

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