Monday, April 27, 2009

Another teaser trailer for Naoto Takenaka's "Yamagata Scream" shows up online

by Chris MaGee

Geez! It's like pulling teeth to get any kind of proper trailer or promo images from Naoto Takanaka's upcoming horror/ comedy "Yamagata Scream"! You'd think that with a film about a salaryman and a high school girl who accidentally disturb a band of zombie samurai that you'd see images of zombies being splashed around, but no. In fact the first teaser trailer that popped up online in January only had director and star Takenaka introducing the film as he sat in an empty theatre. Now Andrew Mack over at Twitch has got his hands on a second teaser, but once again no zombies. This time out we get Takenaka playing a goofy singer/ songwriter. It's pretty damn funny, but doesn't let audiences in on anything substantial about the film itself. You can check it out by clicking here.

Well I guess it's not all bad. A proper promo images for the film has finally shown up featuring actress Riko Narumi and the rest of the cast... just with no zombie samurai. Oh well...

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