Friday, April 24, 2009

Behind-the-scenes video traces the evolution of a life-sized Mobile Suit Gundam

by Chris MaGee

Last Month we told you about how a life-sized (well, life-sized if they existed in real life) RX-78-2 Gundam from the "Mobile Suit Gundam" was being erected on Tokyo's Odaiba island this July to mark the 30th anniversary of the famed animated series. Now Anime News Network, the folks who turned us onto this story in the first place, have word that Yahoo! Japan has posted the first of a series of behind-the-scenes videos of this momentous construction project. This first video titled "For the next step" deals with the planning leading up to the construction of the internal steel armiture of the RX-78-2's legs. More videos will apparently follow every Thursday until the unveiling of the statue on July 23rd.

Head over to Anime News Network and follow the top link to this first video.

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