Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best film adaptation idea ever?

By Matt Hardstaff

Marketing genius? Vocaloid, a singing synthesizer application created by Yamaha, developed several character vocal series' over the last few years, allowing users to create anime inspired songs, with a complete set of lyrics sung by their favourite computerpersonality. One of these characters, Miku Hatsune, has become a marketing phenomenon for Yamaha. She has had several manga series based around her. She's appeared in anime, video games and even has her own CD!

Now, according to Japanator, Tetra Film Studios is developing a film based upon the incredibly popular graduation song Sakura no ame. The film follows 6 guys in highschool otaku , who decide that before graduation hits, they want to start "looking cool" and "getting the girls they like". Of course hilarity will ensue. Hilarity, and songs by a completey synthesized computer character developed by our good friends at Yamaha.

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Bob Turnbull said...

We liked this story so much, we posted it twice! B-)