Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Check Out the Stop Motion Short "A Wolf Loves Pork"

Part of the J-Film Pow-Wow's mission is to shed light on Japanese cinema in forms great and small alike. So, it's only fitting that, on the same day a link to a review for Hiyao Miyazaki's latest is posted, I also find a great little movie made at the other end of the spectrum of Japanese animation. This nearly 4-minute long film, entitled "A Wolf Loves Pork," was made by Youtube user Takeuchi Taijin using several photographs placed in his apartment. All in all, this is a pretty cool accomplishment, showing a great deal of creativity in a fun and playful way. Kudos to you, Taijin-san!

Check out the short below. Thanks to Japan Probe, where I found out about this film.

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