Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Naoto Takenaka stars in another "Let's form a band!" film with "Bokura no Wonderful Days"

by Chris MaGee

Well, comedian, singer, actor and director Naoto Takenaka has been keeping us waiting forever on any real trailer for his upcoming horror comedy "Yamagata Scream" (we did get a teaser but there was virtually no footage in it), but in the midst of directing that film it looks like the 53-year-old star had time to develop a whole other comedy titled "Bokura no Wonderful Days". In it Takenaka plays a salaryman who believes he is dying of cancer, so as one last go around he reunites pop quintet called The Coelacanths that he played with in his youth. All now in their 50's they end up being what's called in Japan an oyaji bando or an "old man band". Of course Takenaka's character is the lead singer with Shin Takuma, Satoru Saito, Junichi Inagaki, and Yasunori Danta backing him up. "Bokura no Wonderful Days" is being helmed by TV director Yoshiko Hoshida and is scheduled for release in the fall.

Now, is it just me or have there been a whole lot of "Let's form a band!" films in the past few years. "Linda, Linda, Linda", "Swing Girls", "Shonen Merikensack", "GS Wonderland"... Do we really need another one? Well, regardless thanks to Tokyograph for the news.

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