Friday, April 10, 2009

On the eve of Nippon Connection 2009...

Regular readers will know that I've been gearing up for a trip over to Frankfurt to cover my first Nippon Connection Film Festival. Am I excited? You bet! Not just about getting to see such new films as Ryuichi Honda's GS Wonderland", Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's "Non-ko", and Minoru Kawasaki's "Pussy Soup", but also excited about the prospect of meeting some of the filmmakers and hopefully (fingers crossed) conduct some interviews I can share with you all.

All of this festival hopping is going to keep me pretty busy, so over the next week the Pow-Wow daily updates are going to be taken over by my brothers in blogging Bob Turnbull, Matt Hardstaff, and Marc Saint-Cyr. You read their film reviews every week, so you know they know their stuff, so don't give 'em a hard time! Plus I'll be checking in to post news items from the fest AND reviews of some of the films I'm catching, so make sure to check back regularly next week for all the scoops!



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