Thursday, April 2, 2009

Promo stills and a full trailer for "Instant Numa" online!

by Chris MaGee

You see! I waited! Yesterday I spoke about how if you see a gallery of stills from an upcoming film at one of the Japanese movie websites that a trailer isn't far off and that Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema would be the one to post it... Well, it's happened, but this time I waited! I saw a few days ago that Cinema Today had posted a gallery of stills from Satoshi Miki's "Instant Numa" due out in Japanese theatres in May. I thought about posting a link to it, but I thought, "No, hold off for a bit," and... Voilà! Nippon Cinema has the trailer!

Not only does Kevin have the trailer though, but also a detailed plot synopsis, far more detailed than has been previously been reported anywhere before: Haname Jinchoge (Kumiko Aso) loses her job when the magazine she works for goes under. Right around the same time she has to deal with the one-two punch of having her mother (Keiko Matsuzaka) land in hospital after nearly drowning in a pond she believes is inhabited by the mythical kappa and discovering the true identity of her father (Morio Kazama). It turns out dad is an old hippy who runs a curio shop called the Light Bulb Co. Along with a punk rocker named Gus (Ryo Kase) Haname becomes more and more drawn into the daily operations of her newly found father's shop.

For more of the ploy synopsis and most importantly the trailer for "Instant Numa" head over to Nippon Cinema, and after that head over to Cinema Today to check out that gallery of stills I was talking about.

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