Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two very different trailers - "Samurai Princess" and "Cencoroll"

by Bob Turnbull

The good folks at Twitch have two different trailers for us today (well, yesterday...I just don't post at the insane rate that MaGee does).

The first is a trailer for the latest "gorefest" to be anticipated by the ravenous hordes..."Samurai Princess" is directed by the screenwriter of "Tokyo Gore Police" (Kengo Kaji - also credited as a "Supervising Screenwriter" on "Uzumaki") with production help by TGP's own director Yoshihiro Nishimura. You'll see that it fits squarely into the same blood-soaked niche. Do I need to mention the trailer is NSFW?

The second is for the indie anime film "Cencoroll" by Atsuya Uki. Mack has more info on this lovely looking film and the fact Uki seems to be a one man show. Something about the sudden appearance of a monster in a town, a secret creature called a Cenco, a strong and curious young girl named Yuki and lots of battling. I'm not sure it matters at this point since these two trailers wordlessly sell this film by themselves:

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