Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Kill Onigokko - Yuuichi Onuma (2004)

Normally we try and highlight upcoming films with our weekly trailers, but "Kill Onigokko (Kill Devil)" was too good to pass up. In the year 2025 scientists have isolated the gene that triggers violence and murder. As part of their experiments they keep a group of "defective" teens on an island where they are forced to kill each other as part of the scientists' study. What starts out looking like an ultra low budget "Battle Royale" rip-off goes screwy once the "Kill Bill" sword fights and dance sequences come in. Yup. Dance sequences...

Daimajin - Kimiyoshi Yasuda (1966)

While Toho had Godzilla, Mothra and a whole bunch of other giant monsters battling it out in various locales across Japan Daiei had "Daimajin", a giant stone statue that protected the poor and downtrodden in Japan's distant past. The first film in Daiei's Daimajin triliogy sets things up with this giant stone statue coming to life to save a small village from an evil feudal lord. Earthquakes, smashing and bad guys getting squished under foot ensues.


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