Friday, May 1, 2009

CONTEST: Winners of the "Adrift in Tokyo" Ticket Giveaway

We've been a bit tardy in posting the winners of the "Adrift in Tokyo" ticket giveaway that we ran last Friday in conjunction with Evokative films. The reason is that we wanted to post them the day of the film's release here in Toronto at the AMC Theatre, Yonge and Dundas. Kind of a reminder to get out and support Japanese cinema. So here we go with the winners:

Marko Balaban - Etobicoke, Ontario
Robert Harding - Toronto, Ontario
Boo Loo (if that's your real name...) - Waterloo, Ontario
Zoe Camino - Toronto, Ontario
Venus Silva - Mississauga, Ontario
Thomas Silver - Scarborough, Ontario

All correctly answered that Satoshi Miki's upcoming film was titled "Instant Numa". A lot of people had problems with that oddly. Anyway, have fun at the screening, Everyone! And for all the rest of you, get out there and buy a ticket! It's a great film!

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