Friday, May 8, 2009

Cultures and viewpoints meet in Aaron Woolfolk's "The Harimaya Bridge"

by Chris MaGee

Last July we told you about how African-American actors Ben Guillory and Danny Glover were going to be starring in a cross-cultural tale of prejudice and forgiveness called "The Harimaya Bridge". Now 10 months later the film is ready for release in Japanese theatres and stills and a new trailer have popped up online.

The feature length directorial debut of American filmmaker Aaron Woolfolk "The Harimaya Bridge" follows Guillory's character Daniel Holder to Japan where he struggles with a deep resentment towards the Japanese caused by his father's death during WW2. Once in Japan though he is befriended by an English teacher, played by Saki Takaoka, and as he learns more about his father's history his viewpoint begins to change.

Cinema Today has a gallery of about a half dozen still from the film like the one above and the official trailer has been posted on YouTube. My only thought is that it looks very interesting until the ever-present sugary J-pop ballad comes in. What were they thinking? See for yourself below.

"The Harimaya Bridge" is set for release in Japan on June 13th. You can find out more about it at its official site here.

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